New on My Book List

My new reading list includes “Zing!” by Sam Harrison.  It isn’t a real estate book per se.  Here are some tips I picked up from one of his articles entitled “Six Unconventional Tips for Selling Your Big Ideas”:

    1. Meet decision maker in their head, not yours.
      a. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

i. What does my decision maker really know about the idea?

ii. What don’t they know about the idea?

iii. Why should they care about the idea?

  1. Learn it. Forget it. Play it.
    a. Presentations go wrong for 2 reasons:

i. They are memorized and choreographed until they appear stiff and unnatural, or

i. You “wing it”, coming off unprofessional, rambling, and unfocused.

b. Best approach is the Charlie Parker approach:

i. Carefully learn and practice till you internalize the piece.

i. Stop fretting over it and perform it naturally before your audience.

  1. Don’t wear Hitler’s sweater.
    a. University of PA study asked subjects if they would put on a sweater once worn by Adolf Hitler.  They refused.  The conclusion was the sweater had emotional residue and negative cooties.

    b. Don’t wear Hitler’s sweater by bringing negative, fearful or distrustful energy into your presentation.

    c. Before each presentation, take time to adjust your head.

    i. Use Dorothy Sarnoff’s 3 sentences:

1. I’m glad I’m here

2. I’m glad you’re here.

3. I know what I know, and I care about you.

Can’t wait to read the book!


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